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A temporary residence work visa subclass 482 (replacing the old 457 visa) is available for you to work in Australia. And you can attach your partner and family.

You need to have an occupation that is listed for this visa  and relevant experience and qualifications. You need to have an employer in Australia to sponsor you with a nomination under their sponsorship. The term of the visa can be any length up to 2 years for some occupations and 4 years for other occupations. Successive work visas are possible. Your work visa can also be transferred to another sponsor during its term. And further family can be added to the visa during its currency.

Adult family unit members are able to work without restriction as secondary 482 visa holders.

Depending on employer readiness, the process can be quite quick. The terms of the visa are that you work in the occupation approved only for the sponsor of the visa only.

This visa creates some wonderful opportunities for permanent residence. At the two year anniversary of you working on this visa you are able to be further nominated by your employer for permanent residence (see below). The intention of the migration legislation is that this visa can be a pathway for those who have proven their settlement potential by holding skilled employment.

I work with both you and your sponsoring employer very extensively in this process to make it happen for each. There are complexities such as Labour Market Testing depending on International Treaties, Genuine Temporary Entrant and precise occupation classification.

Contact me for preliminary advice.  

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Initial phone consultation: +61 2 9613 8326

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