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Business Visitors & APEC


For the most part the overseas organisation will arrange its own business visit visa. These typically may be visiting executives, auditors and the like from the holding company or sister subsidiary companies or suppliers based overseas. Any briefing from the Australian host to an overseas associate should be that if the APECCard is unavailable, the visit visa selected by their travel agent should at least be the business version of the visit visa which has the immigration regulation work condition 8115.

Ordinary non-business tourist visas prohibit any kind of work. The business version when correctly selected, enables “Non-Doing Work”by applying condition 8115 on visa subclass 600, ETA and E651.

“The Holder must not work in Australia other than by engaging in BUSINESS VISITOR ACTIVITY.”

Facilitates legitimate business visitor activity while precluding visitors from entering the Labour Market or undertaking work that might otherwise be undertaken by an Australian Citizen, permanent resident or a temporary work visa holder.

 “business visitor activity means:

(a)    means any of the following activities undertaken by a person:

(i)      making a general business or employment enquiry;

(ii)    investigating, negotiating, entering into, or reviewing a business contract;

(iii)    an activity carried out as part of an official government to government visit;

(iv)    participation in a conference, trade fair or seminar in Australia unless the person is being paid by an organiser for participation; but

(b)    does not include either of the following activities:

(i)    an activity that is, or includes, undertaking work for, or supplying services to, an organisation or other person based in Australia;

(ii)    an activity that is, or includes, the sale of goods or services directly to the general public.

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Initial phone consultation: +61 2 9613 8326

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