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All Mail Please To:


Ron Dick

Hallmark Immigration

PO Box 1148

Dundas NSW 2117

Meetings by appointment only:

PARRAMATTA:  Suite 19 Level 2, 103 George St, Parramatta NSW (close to Parramatta railway station, ferry terminal & two parking stations)

SYDNEY CBD:  1 O’Connell St, Sydney NSW (close to Wynyard, Circular Quay & Martin Place railway stations, ferries & parking stations)

Video Conferencing/Skype by special arrangement.

Please send all emails to as the web form on this site may not work.

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Code of Conduct

Direct Link:

Link to Office of the MARA page where a pdf of the Code of Conduct can be downloaded:

Tribute to the Indigenous People of Australia who preceded European settlement which commenced in 1788 in their lands: The land in the region I now walk over is that of the Dharug. It stretches from Broken Bay just north of Sydney, south to the Shoalhaven and west to the Blue Mountains. The clan in the immediate area of my office in Parramatta was the Barramattagal clan, from whose name Parramatta was derived, supplanting the official name of Rosehill originally given to the area by the very early British colonists.

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