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Employer Nomination


This visa, subclass 186, is the leading visa in the Australian legislation, one to which the Department of Immigration gives the highest priority in processing. It is a permanent visa. After a total of 4 years permanent residence, you can apply for conferral of Australian Citizenship.

The subclass 186 requires the Australian employer to nominate you when offering you employment which is to be at least two years possibly. And for you the applicant to have a bona fide intention to remain with the nominating employer for a minimum of two years. Once granted you have permanent residence in Australia.

There are two streams in the employer nomination scheme:

a) The TRANSITION STREAM for 457 visa holders, presently requiring two years working on that 457 visa. From March 2018 this will require three years.

b) Otherwise the DIRECT ENTRY STREAM.

The occupation needs to be on the qualifying occupation list in the same way as the 457 work visa above. In contrast to the transition stream there is no need to have a work history with the nominating employer. Instead the requirement is to have a minimum of 3 years employment immediately preceding application, in the claimed occupation, and to have a formal skill assessment from an Assessing Body/registration in Australia for the occupation.

There is a regional version of this visa, subclass 187, which has lower thresholds for applicants, in return for an undertaking to settle in a regional area.

I work with both you and your employer very extensively in this process to make it happen for each.

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Initial phone consultation: +61 2 9613 8326

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