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Exchange & Training


Training and Exchange Visas 

Training Subclass 407

Not exactly a work visa, this visa is based on the principle of goodwill allowing Australian organisations to apply to sponsor people for research (largely universities), professional development (eg preparation of an overseas hospitality industry to prepare for something like hosting the Olympics). For business this visa has an Occupational Trainee Stream where the person being sponsored wants to improve their occupational skills as an individual. Not simply to undertake work in Australia.

It requires a fully structured workplace based training program which must meet migration regulation requirements. The training can be on-the job and remunerated on the basis that the skill improvement ideal will prevail.

Staff Exchange subclass 408

For assignments of personnel from overseas parent companies or subsidiaries with Australian personnel parallel going on assignment to reciprocating companies.

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Initial phone consultation: +61 2 9613 8326

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