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Independent Skilled Migration


This visa is for migration independently of any specific employer sponsorships. Migrants are free to settle and establish themselves. State Sponsorship of your application may mean settling in that state.

This visa pathway is opened up by doing the following three things in the Skill Select System:

  • Confirmation that you HOLD an Occupation in Schedule 1 of the ¬†Skilled Occupation List
  • Meeting the Points Test (age, English level, experience overseas and in Australia, education level, spouse skills, nomination by state or family)
  • Making an Expression of Interest (EOI) application when your Occupation has been formally assessed and, where applicable, an English Language test has been satisfactorily completed.

Obtaining careful advice through this part of the process, and then making a very accurate EOI, is very important. Negotiation of State Sponsorship may assist in the process and this can be a very extensive exercise.

The Department of Immigration store the Expression of Interests it receives in a data base and with use of policy guidelines on needed occupations in the economy, and set quotas, and it issues Invitations individually at regular intervals over a period of up to two years. Some invitations may be made quickly and some may never issue.

In response to the Invitations actually received an application matching precisely the EOI, has to be lodged for a subclass 189 visa or a subclass 190 visa where there was State Sponsorship approved. The Skill Occupation List is more extensive for State Sponsorship.

I work with you on your strategies for independent skilled migration wherever you are located. The support is through each step including occupation identification and assessment, secure points test assessment, skill assessment, evidence in support, submissions, timing.

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Initial phone consultation: +61 2 9613 8326

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