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Temporary Work


Temporary work visas can be either short stay activity  or long stay activity. Both allow work under specific circumstances.

Subclass 400 Visa

Subclass 400 Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist)

Of particular interest for business is the Highly Specialised Work Stream. Work that is non ongoing and highly specialised is permitted over very short periods. The catchall is that the work will not result in adverse consequences for the employment, or training opportunities, or work conditions of Australians. It is restricted to very high level work such as certain surgical procedures, or work such as warranty repairs by overseas suppliers of plant and equipment. Assurances that the work is non-ongoing is an imperative.

I can assist companies with close examination of the circumstances and assessment of eligibility for this visa category. I can assist with application processing and ongoing management.

Other examples:

  • a skilled mining engineer advising on a particular procedure or product which is not in use in Australia
  • an IT trainer who is required to train staff in an Australian company that has purchased recently developed software from an overseas company
  • holder of a “statutory role” within an international organisation –such as an internal auditor of an international company, and be required to audit an Australian subsidiary against company-specific fraud control standards.

Entertainers and sportspeople can use this visa for events being promoted in Australia as an Invited Participant with this visa. Emergency workers in bush fire and flood recovery exercises can come from overseas in the Australias Interest Stream.

Subclass 408 Visa

Temporary Activity Subclass 408

This visa is used by

a) Churches for Religious Workers and Ministers of Religion,

b)Sporting bodies for invited participant players and sports trainees,elite player, coach, instructor or adjudicator,

c) Companies who have exchange staff programs with related companies overseas. Of particular interest to companies is the Exchange Stream of this visa category.

d) Others including superyacht crew and certain domestic workers

This visa requires the employer to be approved as a sponsor for this type of visa and follows the nomination and visa process.

I can assist companies with close examination of their programmes and determination of eligibility. I can assist with application processing for sponsorship approval, nomination approval and visa approval, ongoing management.

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