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Working Visitor


Come to Australia for a holiday where you can freely work and travel for touring and holidays.

There is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a one year visa for those who are under 31 years of age. The only restriction is that you are not travelling with dependent children and that, when you work, you do not work longer than 6 months with any one employer.

The basis for this visa is a cultural exchange agreement between the Australian government and your government.

Requirement for a working holiday visa subclass 417 is to hold a passport for one of the following countries:

Belgium, British,  Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany,  Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Taiwan.

For US Citizens: The requirement to apply for a subclass 462 work and holiday visa for a USA passport holder is to have graduated from high school.

For some other countries for a subclass 462 work and holiday visa, the requirement is to have completed at least two years of undergraduate university study or a variation of this and in some cases have home country government approval:

Argentina, Bangladesh, Chile, China, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Iran (graduated), Luxembourg, Malaysia, Thailand (graduated), Turkey, Uruguay, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Slovak Republic, Solvenia and Spain. Shortly to include Greece.

I can assist with the application and also a briefing on strategies in using your time effectively, work eligibility and perhaps maintaining qualifying for other visa categories later. Strategic advice at the outset is an imperative to make best use of this opportunity or stepping stone.

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Initial phone consultation: +61 2 9613 8326

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